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    Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer

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    How the Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer works:Finely grind blends and load chamber about 3/4 full and lightly tamp material down. Press and hold the Go Button for 3 seconds until it lights blue to turn Summit on. You can select your temperature using the "+" or "-" button to cycle between 8 settings (the LEDs will light up blue (low), yellow (low-medium), orange (medium-high) and red (high), with a high and low temp for each color). The LED will turn green once selected temperature has been reached. For best results allow vapor to form in the chamber to produce bigger clouds. To preserve battery, Summit will automatically shutoff after 90 seconds - simply press the Go Button once to re-engage the heater. Once finished, hold the Go Button for 3 seconds to turn off the vaporizer.Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer Includes:1 x Summit vaporizer by Vapium1 x Micro USB Power Cord1 x Dry Bag1 x Cleaning Kit (Cleaning Brush, Elongated Cleaning Brushes, Cleaning Wipes)1 x Built-in Pick/Pack Tool1 x Securing Ring2 x Mouth Guards3 x Replacement Screens1 x User Manual
    $149.95 $119.95
    $149.95 $119.95