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    Flowermate V8 Herbal Vaporizer

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    The Flowermate V8 Herbal Vaporizer is by far the most effective way to vape dry herb as the heating chamber is a non-Combustion Ceramic chamber. Its ability to hold pure heat is far more effective than burning dry herb.

    The Flowermate V8 has an incredible oven! This handheld vaporizer heats up to over 400 degrees in less than 15 seconds. One of the coolest upgraded features of the V8 is the LED screen which lets you see what temperature you want to vape at. This vaporizers electronics allow you to utilize Full Range Temperature-Vape. The Temperature control ranges from 104’F(40°C) to 446°F(230°C).

    Flowermate V8 Herbal Vaporizer is a bottom loader. Simply use the Loading Tool (included to fill up the chamber). Attach the mouthpiece, which fits on the top of the vaporizer. 5 click the device ‘On’ and let the device heat up! Simple and effective!

    $115.90 $99.90
    $115.90 $99.90