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Who has time to smoke anymore? Buying cigarettes is boring, carrying a lighter around all day can get annoying, and having to deal with smelly smoke-fingers? Don’t even get us started.
Sure, cigarettes might have been around since the 1800s, but come on… they’ve been around since the 1800s! Do you know what else was around back then? Jack the Ripper, the slave trade, and the first dictionary.
For those of you that are keen to enjoy a little more modernization in your day to day activities, have you tried vaping?

What’s that?

Okay, so we threw you in at the deep end. Sorry about that, let’s try again; vaping, or vaporizing, is a ridiculously exciting experience that can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 18.
Did that narrow things down? Maybe in the wrong way, so let’s try again.
It’s an over 18 experience that can be enjoyed at parties, in the office, or in the comfort of your own bedroom.
Okay, we’re starting to see how things could be taken wrongly at this point, so let’s just summarize and move on.
A vaporizer is a type of device that super-heats liquids and dry herbs to create a vapor. And what can you do with this vapor? You can inhale it and enjoy the flavors, or get your latest nicotine fix.

Why on earth would you want to inhale it?

Well, you might not know this, but vaporizers, vaping pens, and e-cigarettes in general were actually designed to help smokers to overcome their nicotine addictions.
Now, we know what you’re thinking… don’t patches do that? Well… yes, and yes. Yes, because patches can be good for allowing your dermal layers to absorb nicotine gradually, helping you with cravings.
But a big fat no, because research recently revealed that the lack of having a cigarette to smoke is what leads so many addicts back into the habit.
And that’s where vaping pens and other similar devices come in handy.
They might be fantastic for helping you to overcome your tobacco exposure, but that really isn’t what we’re here to talk about today.
What you might not know is that up to 80% of people that know someone who smokes wishes that they didn’t have to put up with the second-hand fumes, or the foul smell on your breath.
That’s not us being mean; we’re just telling it like it is. Smoking is old hat. It’s outdated. It’s something that is becoming increasingly undesirable, so why are you still doing it?

What else is there?

Well, were you one of the thousands of people that started to smoke because of how it looked? It’s cool-looking, there’s no denying. And come on, being able to make smoke-shapes can be an incredible party trick, but did you know that you could also do the same with a vaping pen?
Instead of breathing out toxic smoke though, you’ll be exhaling vapor – and it looks just as cool.
Don’t believe us? What if we told you about just a few of your fave celebrities that use vaping pens in an effort to get rid of their tobacco smoke exposure?
Katy Perry is just one of them, Jack Black is another. Heck, even Leonardo di Caprio, Dave Grohl, and WWE’s The Big Show use vaping pens on a daily basis!
They use mods which are a particular style of vaporizer, but we’re sure that plenty of them have a desk vape, or a pen for when they fancy a quick draw.

So, what’s the big deal behind these gadgets?

There’s the health benefits sure, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Go back 10 years, and we can understand why you might not have wanted to use these types of devices. They were basic looking, they were clunky, and man were they pretty dull to use.
Fast forward to 2017 however, and there are now dozens of brands to choose from; each trying to outdo their competition and release the hottest, most beautiful looking vaporizer on the market.
Some look like key rings and fit into the palm of your hand, others resemble shisha pipes and can make the ideal talking point at a party.
They all rely on internal heating, so there’s no smoke involved – and as you’ll get to choose from a range of flavors and dry herbs, you can enjoy a shocking amount of taste sensations whilst looking incredibly cool in the process.

And how cool are we talking here?

Well, because these little bad boys come in all shapes and sizes, you could conceal your experience, or showcase it for the world to see.
It doesn’t matter how you vape – just that you’re keeping your efforts modern and exciting.
Smoking is genuinely one of the worst habits that you can have, and if the manufacturers are clearly listing warnings against the use of their products, then why are you still giving them your hard earned cash?
A vaporizer on the other hand can be a lifelong companion, and as they come in different styles, colors and sizes – you won’t have to worry about looking out of place.
Every year, thousands of people are turning to these handy gadgets – and not all of them are smokers.
Some just like the feeling of being able to enjoy a quick draw of their favorite flavor, without having to be avoided by people that don’t like the smell of tobacco.
Why not take the dive today and see why so many of your favorite celebrities are turning to vaping pens and the like? Or you could carry on smoking cigarettes. How fun.
Don’t be a sap and miss out. Vaping is cool and cigarettes aren’t. Fact.


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