G Slim Wax Vape Pen

G Slim Wax Vape Pen

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The G Slim Wax Vape Pen includes:

1 x G Slim Wax Vape Pen
1 x Wireless USB Charger
1 x G Slim Tool

Parts, and replacement coils for the G Slim Wax Vape Pen are sold separately. To use this wax vape pen, make sure that the battery is fully charged. Green light during the charge cycle means the battery is at 100%. To load the pen, simply unscrew the mouthpiece and load concentrates onto the coil. Reattach the mouthpiece. Click the power button 5 times to activate the pen. Hold the power button, and vape away.


G Slim Wax Vape Pen

by Grenco Science is just another installment in their series of effectively built wax vape pens. Sleek in form, with simplicity in operation, the G Slim Wax Vape Pen provides high-performance functionality in a compact apparatus.

“G-Slim Wax Vape Pen is sexy, compact, and well built!” ~ GSO Team

There are 4 variates of the G-Slim Wax Vape Pen to choose from. Select your style based on what you prefer to vape with. The difference in each G Slim Wax Vape Pen is the tank/coil combination. Here is a list:

G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Herbal) – For Dry Herb
G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Concentrates) – For wax concentrates *With Quartz Chamber*
G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Liquid) – For thin liquids and oils. If your concentrate is too thick, use GSO’s Dabquid.
Snoop Dogg G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Herbal) – Snoop Dogg’s classy design built for herbal blends.

The G Slim Wax Pen is compatible with concentrates, dry herb and thin liquids.

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Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 x .75 x .75 in

Herbal, Concentrates, Liquid, Snoop Dogg Special (Herbal)

How to use your G Slim Wax Vape Pen


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