Grenco Original G Pen Micro G

Grenco Original G Pen Micro G



        1.  Getting Started
          Ensure the following components are included:

          • – 2 Rechargeable microG Batteries™
          • – 2 microG Tanks™
          • – 2 microG Mouthpiece™
          • – 1 microG Tool™
          • – 1 G Keychain™
          • – 1 G Wall Adapter™
          • – 1 microG Wired USB Charger™
          • – 2 G Glass Containers™
          • – 3 G Cleaning Tips™
          • – 5 microG Mouthpiece Sleeves™
        2. Turning On/Off:
          The microG Vaporizer is engineered with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental usage. To lock/unlock, press the button 5 times. The LED light on the microG Battery will blink 2 times to acknowledge this feature.
        3. Loading:
          The microG Vaporizer is comprised of 1 microG Battery, 1 microG Tank, and 1 microG Mouthpiece. While the vaporizer is OFF/locked, remove the microG Mouthpiece to expose the heating element. Using the microG Tool provided, load desired amount of preferred essential oils, and reattach microG Mouthpiece.
        4. Charging:
          Prior to use, it is advised that the microG Battery be charged fully. Connect the Wired USB Charger into the bottom of the microG Battery. Connect the other end into any compatible USB port. Once connected, the LED light on the bottom of the microG Battery will illuminate red indicating a successful charge is in process. Charging is complete when the LED light turns green. Please allow 2-3 hours of charge time for the initial 3 charging cycles.

WARNING: Contents will heat and may remain hot after usage. Refrain from touching the microG Tank and other items near the heating element for a minimum of 45 seconds after each usage.

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Grenco Original G Pen Micro G

with Ceramic Rod has been Grenco’s staple product since the beginning. The Original MicroG paved the way for all the other MicroG Vape Pens and continues to be a best seller because of its high-quality. This product, with its functionality and classic design is perfect for discreet, on-the-go vaping of essential fluids. Most people are saying that this is the best vape pen they have owned. It’s that good people! The MicroG comes with all the gear necessary to get started and some extra – because why not, right?

Sports a solid 1-Year Grenco Science Product Warranty!

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 2.5 x 2 in


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