Bud Touch Vape Pen

Bud Touch Vape Pen


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Bud Touch Vape Pen Benefits:
– Accepts Cbd cartridges containing -Rich Hemp Oil
– Fun and satisfying for the cigarette smoker seeking an alternative
– Discreet enough and easy to use anytime, anywhere.
– No smoke, no nicotine, no tobacco, no unpleasant odor, no ash.
– Pleasant and cool vapor. No risk of second-hand smoke exposure.
– Doubles as a Stylus Pen!

To charge your Bud Touch Vape Pen, just connect the battery to the included USB adapter and plug into
any USB port.


Bud Touch Vape Pen

Introducing the all new Bud Touch Vape Pen set for E-juice & Cbd infused hemp based cannabidiol (CBD) cartridges. This pen is a first of its kind. It is hemp based CBD oil E-juice vaporizer pen that doubles as a stylus! Comes with a standard 510 threading. This slim vaporizer accepts all attachments and cartridges from the O pen, Pinllet & Hempvap vaporizer, 510 slim size CBD liquid cartridges, E-juice refillable cartridges & Slim herbal cartridges.

The Bud Touch Vape Pen is also a Stylus!

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 x 1 x 7 in


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