510 Dry Herb Attachment

510 Dry Herb Attachment

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This atomizer is designed specifically for dry herb, wax and essential oils.  This is a replacement heating coil atomizer made for the eGo series. Although it does fit most, if not all, 510 thread batteries.

Used for Dry Herb and Wax
– Large capacity
– Ceramic insulator
– Durable silicone rubber mouthpiece
– Set of filters to ensure smooth airflow
– Easy to clean
– Fits most 510 threaded batteries.

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510 Dry Herb Attachment

is compatible with any 510 thread battery connector (like the eGo battery series). Directly vaporizing solid herbs and wax, this nifty attachment produces no tar, no flames, no second hand smoke, smoke virtually anywhere! Aromatherapy herbal blends have been used for decades to relieve common ailments, as well as reduce stress. With vaporizer devices being small enough to fit into a pocket, vaping is now an acceptable alternative, to inhale your favorite aromatherapy blends with significant decrease in the combustion of the herb, and thus the toxic-by-products, caused by combustion of the material when burned. Commonly used in aromatherapy: Damiana (calming effects), Green Tea, Chamomile (for stress and digestion), Peppermint, Lavender (for relaxation), etc. There are many other aromatherapy blends, available in various forms (dried herbs, waxy concentrates and essential oils), that can be used in aromatherapy for different purposes and effects. Please consult your physician and aromatherapy specialist for detailed information and uses of aromatherapy.

The right tank, deserves a top notch MOD, check these out!

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions .5 x .5 x 3 in

Blue, Black, Silver


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