Firefly Vaporizer Replacement AC Adapter

Firefly Vaporizer Replacement AC Adapter


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AC Adapter connects to Firefly and charges battery inside of unit.

1 x Firefly Vaporizer Replacement AC Adapter

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Firefly Vaporizer Replacement AC Adapter

With the Firefly Vaporizer Replacement AC Adapter you never have to worry about running out of vape power. This is the power cable that is compatible with the Firefly Portable Aromatherapy Vape.

Charge. Vape. Repeat.

The Firefly Portable Aromatherapy Vape is literally like holding the future in the palm of your hand. Unlike most vaporizers, the Firefly heats instantly with the press of a button. The Firefly uses the most advanced vaporization technology available, including a glass heating chamber. The Firefly’s dynamic convection heating technology utilizes sophisticated software in the belly of the beast itself, that is actually able to raise the vapor temperature from 100° to 400° over the course of 10 seconds. The Firefly is a vaporite’s best friend when vaping aromatherapy blends. With three sweet colors to choose from, you will have a solid device from a quality manufacturer all for less than you’d pay at a local vape store!

This isn’t the only FireFly piece you’ll want to have, here are some others.

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