White Rhino USB Wall Charger

White Rhino USB Wall Charger


Don’t forget, if you’re looking for “that other piece” we got that too! It’s called a 510 Charger. For those batteries that charge via their threaded end (the part that attaches to the atomizer), we have a 510 threaded connector that converts to a USB male end. This would be the piece that connects from a device like an eGo battery to our White Rhino USB Wall Charger.

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White Rhino USB Wall Charger

White Rhino’s Basic USB Wall Charger is simple to use and conveniently small. Charge any of your vaporizer kits simply by plugging your USB connector into this USB wall charger. It contains a protective circuit to prevent overcharging. We realize there are a lot of USB chargers on the market and some may just want to use ones that may be laying around the house but we urge you to consider that your vaporizer kit is an investment and we encourage you to buy the White Rhino because it was built specifically to avoid common issues from overcharging. The White Rhino utilizes reverse circuit protection ensuring that it will not overcharge your device. This two pronged wall charger is compatible with any standard 120V North American wall outlet.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 1 x 1.5 in


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